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Boards and Fundraising is it REALLY the #1 issue?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Unless you are a larger nonprofit, think Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, or Boys/Girls Club, you may have trouble getting qualified and dedicated board members. It is hard work for a smaller nonprofit to recruit members but you finally have a board with financial, legal and marketing expertise. Yeah!!! Now your organization has a good set of by-laws the board has drafted and approved.

FINALLY, they are willing to take extra time from their own lives to develop a strategic plan. You are in heaven!

When the board suggests one of your objectives in your strategic plan is to increase funds with individual donors, your name and (if lucky) one other board member who agrees will put their name in the "person responsible" column! You think well, everyone on the board has to be involved in fundraising. Guess what? WRONG! Huh??!!!!!

Yes, we know in every board handbook and by-laws are the responsibilities of financial stewardship and a personal financial commitment to the organization, but asking for money? No, everyone does not have to ASK for money, but every board member has to participate in the development process. Actually it is better to have a board member that is willing or has prior experience meeting with donors to be your "wing man".

You should have a couple of board members that have connections strong enough to make introductions, another board member who has written or reviewed grants, and of course a board member who is intent on coordinating a special event. These talents from a board member are necessary and important to the development process. Even if you have a Director of Development and you think this should be their only job, WRONG again!

Development of an organization's resources is

EVERYONE'S responsibility-especially the board.

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