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Strategic Planning

Case for Support

Program Design, Metrics, Evaluation

Capital Campaign Fundraising

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning often evokes a roll of eyes, dread, and sometimes fear in many minds. There is the fun part of brainstorming on mission and vision, and then the detailed work of setting goals with objectives and activities. Of course, there is in the inevitable discussion of how to fund, who is responsibile for what activity, and a timeline, which is the part everyone dreads. 

However, at SFG, we know that this is part of the process that prepares an organization for the long game and a sustainable success; if done properly.

I should know, I have been on both sides of this process. 

Strategic Planning for a municipality is much the same. A town, county, or city is looking forward to their future in the built environment, their communities' sustainability, and a plan to get there.  Developing a Strategic plan could involve developing a Master Plan for your community.  Ensure you have someone there to assist your town through the process so your next steps are successful. 
If your municipality or nonprofit is needing this service please contact me for a free consultation-it is an important step in being grant ready for increasing your revenue.  


"Jeanne expertly guided our Board of Directors through the strategic planning process. Her efforts yielded a solid plan for growing our organization plus Jeanne helped us develop a Case For Support that we will use as we pursue grant funding to realize our strategic plan."-Britt L.

Case for Support

Data gets grants, stories get donors-together you have an unbeatable case!

Building your Case for Support should start with your strategic plan. Telling your story,  your successes, the impact on a community, will lay the groundwork for all messaging, fundraising, and potential grant opportunities. 

Inspiring funders to see your mission and vision will start preparing them to see the difference their assistance can make.  Your case for support will provide a great opportunity for donors, key stakeholders, and potential supporters to understand, be engaged and motivated to join in your efforts!


This becomes your roadmap for your organization explaining "the why" you exist and "the how" of what your organization does, and most of all- the incredible impact your organization is capable of-with their support!  

CLICK HERE FOR PowerPoint Case for Support example.

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Program Design, Metrics, Evaluation

Okay, you have a great youth program to engage those youth that are not excelling in academics or other activities, and your program is making a dfference in their lives. You know from parents, teachers, and students themselves, the youth are improving their attendance, increasing their grades, and demonstrating respect for their parents and fellow students. What a great story! 


But, without metrics and measurements, how do you demonstrate your success? Developing a program and measuring the correct metrics will enable credibility in the minds of potential donors. Measuring and evaluating your program will provide insight into an objective determination of what works, and what does not work, for the program  to change or improve outcomes. Demonstrating to funders you take the time to measure your program results and believe in the continuous improvement process for your organization, is a MUST HAVE in the world of grant funding. So many organizations I have worked with do not believe their organization's activities are able to be measured. Ask yourself-what results do I want to see in the community or world because of my organization's efforts? Your results CAN and SHOULD BE measured

Casual Business Meeting

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. – Henry Rosso

Capital Campaign Fundraising

Capital campaign services that include strategic planning and board development are the foundation of a feasibility study, and multi-year campaign fundraising. I have worked with clients who are pursuing their first major fundraising campaign and clients with a history of previous campaign success. The process of capital campaigns while intense, are also effective staff and board capacity building processes.

After working for a large capital campaign firms, I am fortunate to partner with other successful capital campaign firms for administrative and key strategic oversight. As your lead consultant, I am one of the few campaign directors with successful campaign experience, and is a GPA certified grant professional. Combining individual, corporate fundraising with instutional and goverment grant opportunities provides for a holistic picture of strong multi-year revenue stream.  

If you feel a capital campaign might be in your future or you want to find out more, please contact me

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