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Pricing, Retainer, and Ongoing Packages


If you have multiple grant opportunities that you want to pursue, or you want continued research to build a robust grant program for your organization, or develop program metrics and measurements for an evidence-based model, we can talk about your specific short and long-term goals. After discussions we can develop a mutual and beneficial agreement.

Ongoing grant consultation and a retainer package are priced and customized to the nonprofit or municipality's specific needs. 

Retainer and ongoing grant packages will usually be conducted with current clients or a local municipality.

•    What are the benefits? Fixed fees will always be your best value for ongoing grant management, writing, submittal, reports, and longer-term needs. Using a retainer for a minimum of six months' period, or longer, is like having a "grant writer in your back pocket".


On-site visits and meetings may also be required by the granting organization, and having an experienced nonprofit professional  could assist you in maintaining and stewarding the relationships with the granting organization.

•    Why just ongoing clients?  First-time clients need to build trust and satisfaction with their grant writer and consultant. Usually, this relationship develops after the initial project.  SFG also wants to have comfort and confidence in an organization's best practices and work philosophy.


 The SFG focus is with small to mid-size nonprofits, for-profit, social entrepreneurship firms, and local government entities.  When a nonprofit has the budget to hire a development person, he/she is usually responsible for all grant activities; however, cultivating donors and building major donors should be the focus of the development hire.  


If a local municipality is stretched with other priorities or has several grant opportunities during one time period; SFG is ready to assist you. Hiring outside experienced grant services is one of the most efficient and effective strategies to increase capacity and revenue. 

THIS is the main reason we offer customized packages, hourly rates, and retainer packages, so you and your staff can focus on the really important activities; delivering your mission, focusing on your services, and cultivating dedicated supporters and donors.
Most services are costed on a flat fee project or retainer cost basis, offering your organization the best value. 




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