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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

As I built my consulting business, I decided to name it after the three elements necessary for successful nonprofits (or any business).

SFG Consulting Services LLC has as its mantra,

Together we craft a STRATEGY to help FUND your GROWTH.

Strategy, Funds, Growth, - will bring sustainability to a nonprofit, but only when the organization’s staff, board and even volunteers, know WHERE they are going, HOW they will get there, and WHEN to hit set milestones. What does all this boil down to? Setting a strategic/organizational plan and a roadmap to get there.

As someone who does strategic planning for nonprofits, I often have nonprofits and their executive directors tell me, “I know what we need and how we should get there”, or “We do not have time to devote to this process”, or the unspoken reason where no one wants to put in writing anything (like goals, responsibility, or timeline) they could be held accountable for. A strategic plan done by board, staff and key stakeholders is flexible, often revised, and will construct the road map to follow. Changing timetables, persons responsible and even reorganizing priorities, indicates a live and fluid plan that keeps moving the organization forward.

I mentioned in a previous blog, "Why Nonprofit Boards Lose their Way," having an engaged, reliable, knowledgeable board is the key element to an organization’s sustainability. Resource development, individual donor development, special events, and grant submittals are important tools, but there are many critical aspects of nonprofit management that if ignored, could lead to unsustainable success in a nonprofit organization.

Prior to strategic planning, I encourage ED’s and their board to review a “grant ready” checklist (attached) In this matrix board and staff are challenged to weigh their strengths with board development, organizational strength, systems, and development of resources. This checklist sets the stage for developing a strategic plan with goals, as well as awakening the board to their responsibilities for sustaining the organization. #nonprofitboard#grantreadiness

Grant readiness, board development and strategic plans are

The Ties that Bind!

get org GRANT READY 1 (6)
Download PDF • 167KB

Next blog coming in December will focus on a Board’s growth to a high-level governing Board

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